In My Coma

In My Coma

In My Coma is an alternative rock band formed in Grimsby Ontario and the creation of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, Jasper James. Born in Guildford, a small city south of London, England, Jasper grew up listening to the popular British bands of the 80s. Jasper is joined by LauraDoll on bass, Mike Paterson on drums, and Linz Clark on keys. Scoring coveted opening slots with the likes of Moist, Sum41 and Jeff Martin (The Tea Party), In My Coma has been winning over crowds and building their fan base with a high energy show that includes an arsenal of stellar new tracks. Boasting alternative rock anthems defined by roaring guitars and infectious melodies, the new album and live performance showcase the band’s undeniable appeal and smouldering intensity. The new album produced by Mark Makoway (Moist) is slated for release in the fall of 2017.

Jasper James – Lead Vocals/Guitar

LauraDoll – Bass/Backing Vocals

Mike Paterson – Drums

Linz Clark – Keyboards/Backing Vocals